Have you noticed the irregularities in our weather, caused by #ClimateChange?

Climate change talks about change in the average weather conditions — such as temperature and rainfall — in a region over a long period of time. Continue reading “Flooding”

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– Olanrewaju Ibitoye


Growing up as a kid in Mushin has being a worthwhile experience, although, embedded with mixed feelings which I feel needs to be shared for the world to see. Continue reading “THREE THINGS MUSHIN TAUGHT ME.”

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Sustainability, Capacity Development & Partnership Will Play A Vital Role in Educational Development in Mushin.

Sustainability, Capacity Development & Partnership Will Play A Vital Role in Educational Development in Mushin.


Myself and colleague paid a capacity building visit to the Lagos State Government Education District VI – Abolade, Oshodi, Lagos to discuss possible introduction, partnership and inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals agenda of year 2030 to all public and private schools in Mushin. Continue reading “Sustainability, Capacity Development & Partnership Will Play A Vital Role in Educational Development in Mushin.”

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MTTW Advocates For Peace, Social Justice, Free & Fair Election By Aberefa Adedeji!

I have been awarded a CERTIFICATE by Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) for my commitment to spreading the message of NaijaVotes with our community! by influencing and mobilizing youths in our community to actively participate in community, national and global development activities through MushinToTheWorld foundation.

Continue reading “MTTW Advocates For Peace, Social Justice, Free & Fair Election By Aberefa Adedeji!”

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Meet Anuoluwapo Oluwaseun Y Balogun – A Grade1 Referee In Nigeria! From Mushin.

Balogun Anuoluwapo, a Grade 1 referee presently officiating in the nationwide league.

He’s a referee with a decade of experience and he’s currently part of the team that officiate at the national level.

Interestingly, #BabaAnu as he’s fondly called is a #Mushine and he’s part of the people raising the flag of #Mushin community amongst other communities in #Lagos. Continue reading “Meet Anuoluwapo Oluwaseun Y Balogun – A Grade1 Referee In Nigeria! From Mushin.”

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Effective Communication for COVID-19 — Mushin Community As A Case Study.

Effective Communication for COVID-19

Effective Communication would save certain percentage of people in areas where there are several false rumor, MushinToTheWorld Foundation will be taking different actions against disinformation, and to reach out with clear messages to the entire Mushin community through local language — Pigin & English.

Continue reading “Effective Communication for COVID-19 — Mushin Community As A Case Study.”

How To Build Your Own Professional Portfolio/Profile.

What is a professional portfolio?

A physical or digital platform that showcases your work, projects, articles, strengths, accomplishments and achievements. A compilation of the amazing activities of your professional life.

So what’s the purpose?

.. it allows potential employers to identify and understand your capabilities. But it can be much more! Sometimes it is required before you to take up a new role, other times it is important when you need a promotion or an endorsement. It could also help distinguish you in your field…

One of the most important things in building a professional portfolio is being “deliberate”. Being deliberate implies having a plan, writing it out and following through with…
Being deliberate helps you gravitate towards achieving this goal of having an amazing professional portfolio. Meanwhile, you would be surprised how much you would naturally want to put in, when you consciously “prepare” to show off your accomplishments…

Take the right courses, attend conferences/seminars/webinars (while you are it, take pictures, make a post, share lessons), get certified, get a mentor (physical or virtual who measures up to the standard you aspire, or at the least gives you a template of the professional portfolio you want), oh and that LinkedIn profile, work on it! Be sure it presents your best you. Finally give yourself time… it all adds up.

In addition there is no shame in publishing your little beginnings and failures. Fact is, it validates your process of growth and helps you evaluate this process. It also shows your potential employer, evidence of where you have been and the possibilities your potentials portend. It is therefore important to consciously document your process.

In this age of easy, frequent and flexible use of social media, documenting your professional portfolio should be fun and rewarding too. Professional portfolios are no longer your catalogue of articles, certificates or accomplishments! They are now much more.
It is no surprise that many “professionals” leverage the power of social media to constantly build their portfolio, by showcasing their work at every opportunity. Your professional portfolio doesn’t have to be about your resume, certificates or research materials alone.

Underpinning your public and many social appearances should be a deliberate efforts at building that professional portfolio. Pay attention to the details.

For some people, your portfolio would be measured by your sphere and level of influence. In other words… your network. I cannot overemphasize the power of network.

In summary, a professional portfolio is built over time, and you can start now, if you don’t consciously have one… you can start by being deliberate, preparing and taking advantage of opportunities. Get certified and get a mentor. Start with whatever skills or qualifications you have… you can start now.

All of these may not apply to all profession… Building this type of professional portfolio may be difficult for some profession… however following some of these rules may be just what is needed to get you that role, that promotion or even that level of fulfillment!

Taiwo Olawole.

Just one more way to Elevate Your Game! – @Oyindamola Johnson.

If you have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, be it French, Spanish, Italian, English, Chinese, German, or other relevant ones, please do. It’ll amaze you the way it will accelerate your career and open doors of opportunities for you.

Several and perhaps, thousands will match you skill for skill, experience for experience, qualification for qualification, expertise for expertise, and much more, but your knowledge of a foreign language might be what will set you miles apart from others.

This might not apply to everyone but if you still have the time, enthusiasm, resources and much more to do it, make sure you go for it.

Just one more way to Elevate Your Game!

Happy Democrazy Day!

We are wishing all Nigerians and Mushines from every part of the world Happy Democracy. We look forward to a new beginnings of an inclusive nation that would consider everyone across board.

From #AllOfUs at MushinToTheWorld Foundation, we look forward to every to join forces with us on creating a safe, sane and sustainable community.


MTTW Foundation Felicitate With Newly Appoint SSA – SDGs, LASG.

We at MTTW felicitates with Lekan Fatodu on your recent appointment as the Senior Special Advicer on Sustainable Development Goals to the Executive Governor of Lagos State.

As an award winning NGO with the Ministry of Environment, Lagos State Government, MushinToTheWorld Foundation whose core objective is centered around SDGs, we would appreciate a Partnership for Goal which is SDG’s 17th agenda.

We believe in the inclusive development of our dear community, through contributions from your team and the people at the grassroots level.

We wish you success in your new duties.






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