#MushinToTheWorld Is Creating Opportunity For Everyone!

We implore everyone out here who is either a volunteer or a follower of this great group or initiative to look out for the various opportunities the group is posting out here through our various contacts and links.

Here is a success story from a beneficiary who was selected amongst the various applications received. Hear what Engr. Aberefa Adedeji has to say.

“I’m so glad to be one of the fortunate few selected from numerous applicants to participate in the StartUp SouthWest entrepreneur development project, organized by Passion Incubator in partnership with THE WORLD BANK, Growth and Employment project (GEMS) and The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investments.

l’m Aberefa Anthony Adedeji, a computer technician and a Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council university, USA.

The CEO of Oracool Technologies and a Co-founder of the NGO, MushinToTheWorld, an initiative which is Transforming Lives, developing our Community and Changing our World by Thinking Globally and Building Locally, through finding innovative solutions, to partnering and leading by example, while driving positive change, therefore moving society towards a positive future.

StartUp SouthWest project is focused on fostering a vibrant and sustainable technology ecosystem across the South West region of Nigeria. It’s one of 6 proposed similar regional hub projects being supported by GEM (one per geo-political zone). It includes pre-Incubation training programs and a Startup Incubation program.

The Pre-Incubation program is focused on providing Training and Support in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Development Ethics, Entrepreneurship training and Ideation so as to allow innovators the opportunity to gain the skills required to build deep technologies.

It is a three (3) months program that provides an opportunity for innovative and dedicated teams who are solving Africa’s biggest problems to redefine their products, achieve product market fit, acquire new customers (including corporates) and investment.

A key objective of the Startup SouthWest program is to connect the ecosystem players (entrepreneurs, hubs and technology companies) in the region to drive collaboration and support innovation. Understand their local challenges, explore ways to solve them and promote their success.

The training at Coven Labs was commendable though it was only the basics. The tutors were very explanatory and practical, they made sure everyone was learning, especially those with little or no computer science background. It ran twice a week (Saturdays and Sundays) with practical classes and exercises.

Python was my preferred choice for a major.

Communication was sound as messages were always passed across in due time through various platforms. We could also reach out to our tutors if we had challenges with the exercises.

After a month of the beginner level training, a project was to be presented by participants which were grouped for this cause.

Different topics were picked and preparations lasted for a week. Project presentations were accessed by the tutors/organisers, with corrections and recommendations for improvement.

A curriculum was also given to participants to aid our study away which is to last for a month, after which we will be back for the Intermediate program in November.

Special thanks to Passion Incubator, Coven Labs, THE WORLD BANK, Growth and Employment project (GEMS), The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Industry Trade and Investments and others that made this possible through the Startup Southwest Initiative which is transforming lives positively.”

For more opportunities, Kindly follow us across our major social media handle using the hash tag – #MushinToTheWorld























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