Report Your Location |  #MushinToTheWorld

Some few weeks ago, we made a public announcement to the general public to report any bad roads within and around their community here in Mushin.

The turn out was massive, as we witnessed several reports from residence stating with pictures and exact location where there’s either a bad road, potholes and many more.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-02 at 5.24.59 AM (1).jpeg

The collated report was sent to several government agencies on road repair and maintenance, other concerned environmental groups, some of which are the Environmental Lagos Platform.

Environmental Lagos Platform, is an online WhatsApp group platform comprising of Lagosians, public office holders, youth, social media enthusiasts, governments representative and socially concerned individuals in Lagos State.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-02 at 5.24.59 AM.jpeg

We are happy to inform every one of our active followers that, some of the reported locations are currently undergoing repair works.

We will be making a random post of some of these places, by showing the before and after work scene and work that is currently been carried out.

If your location is also undergoing repair, we advise that you put forward the details in the picture in the comment section so we can post publicly.

Before & After video of Ogunmokun Street, Adjacent Agege Motor Road, Mushin – Lagos can be viewed across each of these platforms.

Facebook – Click Here.

Twitter – Click Here.

YouTube – Click Here.

Instagram – Click Here.

We welcome contributions from Mushin residents, as we plan to #MakeMushinGreatAgain.


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