Mushin Goes Green!

MushinToTheWorld Initiative Is Collaborating With Greenhill Recycling To Reward Mushin Resident For Their Daily Plastic Waste.

MushinToTheWorld Initiative a Non-Profit Mushin community based social influencer will over the weekend partner with Greenhill Recycling to sensitize, educate and reward Mushin resident with their daily plastic waste.


Greenhill Recycling is a social enterprise organization that provides sustainable solutions to the waste management crisis in Nigeria through recycling and upcycling activities.


Mushin community is fast becoming overpopulated owing to her geographical positioning as it provides access/links to major roads within Lagos State and it houses several major commodity markets, manufacturing company, news/media houses, and a host to several shopping malls within the community.


Each of these is causing her to witness a huge amount of waste generated daily as a result of the daily activities of residents, market women, industries and more.


Looking around Mushin community, we will agree that, there are so many Plastics, Nylons, Cans scattered around the street, water passage, and major canals leading to flooding and destructions of roads and affecting vehicular movement during such period.


This Saturday, we plan to change the narrative and in this vein, we are collaborating with Greenhill Recycling to educate many of the residents, create more awareness about the dangers of plastic waste and pollutions, how we can reduce it or find alternative means to the use of Plastics and lastly, we plan to rewards every respondent with instant give prizes.


The event will be powered by Greenhill Recycling and it is proudly supported by MushinToTheWorld Initiative, JCI Nigeria, Rite Foods & Beverages, Lagos State Waste Management Authority – LAWMA and African Cleanup Initiative – ACI.


Our community is challenged by the numerous acts of environmental and plastic waste pollution contributing to the several severe changes in our climatic conditions such as the terrible harsh sun, instability in our climatic seasons, agriculture, pollutions, and high carbon emissions.


Efforts from the various environmental organization are been appreciated, but we won’t be limited by those actions. The United Nations has made it clear that everyone has got to participate in the fight against every negative environmental impact by carrying out what is called – #LittleByLittle efforts.


We seek that you come out on Saturday 10th of November, 2018 besides First Bank of Nigeria on Agege Motor Road, Mushin – Lagos, as we make environmental history and positive impact on the way we generate waste and how it is been properly managed.


To participate in the community actions against #PlasticPollutions, you’re please advise to send an e-mail to or send us a text to 08025674880 using the below description.


Name, Gender & Location to the number above.


For more information about our initiative, Kindly follow us on @musintotheworld on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.




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