Meet Anuoluwapo Oluwaseun Y Balogun – A Grade1 Referee In Nigeria! From Mushin.

Balogun Anuoluwapo, a Grade 1 referee presently officiating in the nationwide league.

He’s a referee with a decade of experience and he’s currently part of the team that officiate at the national level.

Interestingly, #BabaAnu as he’s fondly called is a #Mushine and he’s part of the people raising the flag of #Mushin community amongst other communities in #Lagos.

Our team and everyone from #Mushin is proud to be associated with his talent and professionalism. We are wishing him the best in his chosen career.

We will appreciate that, we give him a shout out to cheer him to do even more!

We have all that it takes as a community, the people, talent, professionals, Infrastructure, land mass, and we are the second largest community population-wise to take the community to a greater height!

Let’s do more and lets change the narrative, by showing the real and undiluted stories!

#Education | #Environment | #PeaceNSocialJustice










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