Your Vote Is Your Right By Engr. Aberefa Adedeji.

Mushin is arguably the second largest city amongst the 52 community in Lagos after #AlimoshoLGA.

This is an indication to show that, our collective decision in the next election is very important for everyone most especially the youth in Mushinto vote and choose wisely.

The last day for PVC collection is Friday, 8th February – 2019. In past years, millions of voter cards have gone uncollected. Don’t let yours be one of them this year!

If you made the effort to register to vote but have not yet collected your PVC, don’t let your effort go to waste!

Collect your PVC by the deadline on Friday. And remember to spread the word!

If you are not a registered voter, you can still help — by making sure all your friends and families know the deadline, to collect their PVC and also to encourage them to collect their PVC.

You can find out where to get your card using this site:

From #AllOfUs at #MushinToTheWorld and thousands of YOUTHS in Mushin, we remain dedicated to #VoteResponsibly.

We are advocating for a FREE, FAIR, PEACEFUL & CREDIBLE elections across all the wards in Mushin.

We are advocating that all eligible Mushin residents should obtain their voters cards.

We are advocating for a #VoteWithoutViolence.

We are advocating that, no Mushin resident should #SellTheirVotes.

We are advocating for an election that will detar any form of intimidation.

We all need to remember that, this is our elections – let us make it count!

#Education | #Environment | #PeaceNSocialJustice


















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