Embedded Sustainability in Values Chain Supply of Public & Private Sectors.

Embedded Sustainability in Values Chain Supply of Public & Private Sectors – Organized by University of Derby – London, facilitated by Uchechukwu Okere PhD.

We strongly believe in opportunities that acquiring as many educational training as possible is the best way to grow, one of such opportunity was once again served to our team by the invitation from University of Derby, London to join other sustainability warriors, practitioners, NGOs and other concerned individuals in and around the city of Lagos.

Education is for improving the lives of oneself, others and for leaving our community and world better than we found it – Marian Wright Edelman.

At the interactive training session, sustainability practice in Nigeria is considered to be very low, adoption and implementation process is also not interesting.

The adverse effects of non-sustainable organization is causing Nigeria a whole lots of damages, thereby affecting lives and the various global environmental issues.

Using #Mushin community as a case study – Mushin & Odi-Olowo, everyone needs to brace up in this fight, our team will be making plans to work with organizations – private or public, political office holders, institutions and the students of public and private schools with the need to embrace and embed the sustainability practice in all that we do.

In the training, we were paired into group to come up with workable solutions, and we concluded that there’s need for more awareness and sensitizations of citizens. Engr. Aberefa Adedeji pitched group ideas to other groups who were present and it was later submitted to Uchechukwu Okere PhD for further consideration.








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