Public Announcement – Waste Management Task Force.

Public Announcement – Waste Management Task Force.


The general public are hereby warned to desist from indiscriminately dumping of refuse in and around #Mushin community.


The following areas are hereby set as a #ZeroWasteZone.


– Agege Motor Road

– Inner Street

– Market Areas (Awolowo, Ojuwoye, Alamutu, Wey Street, Ladipo, Mushin, Kajola, Agaran, Iyana Isolo etc.).


Special task force has been setup and offenders would be strictly dealth with. Parents are hereby warned to desist from such an act and also to warn their various wards.


Anyone caught in such act will be severely dealth with.


The task force are task with zero waste tolerance in and around Mushin community in other to achieve a #SafeSaneNSustainable city.


As an NGO we are in total support of this new directives. We implore that resident should imbibe a culture of waste management that supports the 3R of recycling – Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.







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