#MushinToTheWorld movement is a Non-For-Profit group/movement with the sole aim of re-engineering the mindset of the youth of this great community to present itself with solutions by its own indigenous youth, taking the community to a whole new level that showcase a 21st century living and development.

#MushinToTheWorld – Movement is a group of Compassionate Individuals from this community – #Mushin that comes together to work as a team with the objectives of reducing the rate of unemployment by empowering the youth and re-engineering our mindset towards a common goal of totally transforming the community through our individual and collective team strength in the area of individual skills using every available tools to improve our livelihood, and seeking support, etc.

The movement will also be making known every of its activities as regards the community developments, needs, and goals to the general public. In her plans, the movement also plan to show to the world it positive values which in many cases are left out and not made known to the public.

Mushin community and its ravaging challenges can not be overlooked, and it is of this mindset that brings about the movement to re-engineer and empower the youth of the community in other for the youth to transform and present the 21st century-like community that we all desire. We believe that mindset re-engineering and empowerment programs that can improve and effect changes of up to 75 – 80% to the community if we get the needed support from our individual self and collect team support of people, religious bodies and corporate entities to propel the community forward.



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