Main Objective.

#MushinToTheWorld initiative is a platform designed for #Mushin, #OdiOlowo by #Mushine to rebrand, sensitize, and educate the people of this Community, Lagosians, Nigerians, and the world at large about this great community called #Mushin.

Mushin is an ideology even though some people still refers to it as a geographical space, but we are not particular about that, but we are more concerned about the concept called #MushinToTheWorld initiative. As we aim to rebrand, educate, sensitize and dispel any bad notions/myths about the community.

Core objective of the initiative is underlisted as follows.



There are so many factors that affect the environment. Daily, humans carry out activities that cause environmental dysfunction and in turn affect the way of living. These environmental activities are more evident in massive environmental projects like oil exploration.

Healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. Africa has a heavy disease burden largely caused by vector-borne diseases that are influenced by climatic elements. Environmental sustainability involves making decisions and taking actions that are in the interests of protecting our environment and improving the capability of the environment to continuously support human life. Our cause is totally dedicated to this.

Some of the most common environmental concerns include:

  • Polluting the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels
  • Damaging prime agricultural and cultivated land through the use of unsustainable farming practices
  • Damaging rainforests and woodlands through logging and agricultural clearing
  • Polluting oceans, rivers and lakes


Goal Number 4 - Education

As the world’s population grows, more resources and policies are needed to make sure that students everywhere get a good education. The world needs two million teachers and four million new classrooms to make sure every student can get an education. Full access to quality education is the first step to achieving sustainable development, poverty eradication, gender equality and women’s empowerment. Let’s make the sound investment in quality education by ensuring that primary and secondary schools are free for every child by 2030.


Peace & Justice 2.jpg

We can only look forward to a more equal and sustainable community, if we have more peaceful and inclusive societies. We plan to reduce crime, violence, and exploitation. The abuse of drug  and trade will have to stop. Public institutions that we all rely on will have to be effective, transparent and accountable.

We hope and believe that our collective effort will go a long way in positively influencing our people, most especially the youth and our community at large.


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