Mission & Vision

#MushinToTheWorld initiative is a platform designed for #Mushin, #OdiOlowo by #Mushine to rebrand, sensitize, and educate the people of this Community, Lagosians, Nigerians, and the world at large about this great community called #Mushin.

Mushin is an ideology even though some people still refers to it as a geographical space, but we are not particular about that, but we are more concerned about the concept called #MushinToTheWorld initiative. As we aim to rebrand, educate, sensitize and dispel any bad notions/myths about the community.

Our Mission – Our mission is to do the following;

  • To educate people of this community
  • To get as many people as possible informed of the enormous opportunities that abound.
  • To sensitize people of the need to cater for the community and other social vises that can transform the landscape and our environment.
  • To Empower the people at all level

Our Vision – Our vision is to put Mushin/OdiOlowo at the forefronts of a global reckoning.


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