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Local Champions.

Local Champion.

By: Babatunde Enitan

A local champion can be regarded as a person who voluntarily takes extraordinary interest in the adoption, implementation, and success of a cause, policy, program, project, or product within a certain geographical location usually regarded as his habitation.
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Water Projects In #Mushin & #OdiOlowo Community.


Ask your local authorities  (ward councillors and chairmen), as these are essential community projects needed for the sustainability of a 21st century cities as enlisted in the 17 point agenda of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – #SDGs

Water is essential, and everyone is entitled to have access to quality supply of water! This same project is ongoing all across major streets within #Mushin and #OdiOlowo community.

Commissioning date will be announced at a later date for the general public for all #Mushin





The Community Needs You!

The Community Needs You!

Yes. Just as the headline of this short post says. As a proud ambassador of #MushinToTheWorld initiative, we strongly believe in this laudable cause and we know we will get it into top gear. 
So far, we have been getting a positive feedback from friends, families, associate and people from here and there thanks to the power of #SocialMedia, #Smartphones and the #Internet. 
However, even as the feedback seems promising and giving the team energy to even do more, we have gotten bad interpretation from people are yet to be convinced, they believe that it won’t fly and nothing good can come out of this community. 
We need you with your support, we believe we will take this community to a new heights. 
Don’t get involved when you are likely not going to be needed, as your efforts will count so well at this early stage that we have few people who has already shown interest and are willing to follow it to any attainable stage.
If you don’t want your presence to be publicly noticed, we will welcome your private email messages and we can discuss how we can improve, educate, sensitize, empower and give needed advise and support to the people of this great community. 

Tomorrow may seem too late. Get up and act fast now!

We can be reached on our official email address at mymttw@gmail.com or contact us through any of our social media platform. 





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